We look forward to working with you!

Our listing process is extremely straightforward and you can cut and paste most information. The process does not create an account for future amendments, but is a fast method to add your property. If you have multiple properties, you simply complete a new form for each property.

A few Notes:
– Listings are Properties and not Units (unless it is a 1-unit property).
– Under Location, please remember to include Post Code for map reference
– Please do not add any direct contact details
– Please add as many photos of the property as possible
– You can simply paste a video url to add the video to the description section

By continuing and completing the Listing Submission form, you agree to the payment of 10% commission (vat n/a) on all subsequent bookings.

Should you have any questions, please:
email richard@accommotel.com or
call 07507 604737

Many thanks!