Please include in separate paragraphs (and without direct contact details):
- Description of location (eg close to shops and parks)
- Facilities in the Property (eg lift, garden, reception)
- Facilities in the Apartment or House (eg washing machine, coffee machine, toiletries)
- 1 x video URL if available - please remove direct contact details - thank you
This brief description which will appear on the accommotel search results.
Please input in the following format for available roomtypes:
Studios - from £000.00 per night +/inc VAT or VAT n/a
1-Beds - from £000.00 per night +/inc VAT or VAT n/a
2-Beds - from £000.00 per night +/inc VAT or VAT n/a
3-Beds - from £000.00 per night +/inc VAT or VAT n/a
The first image will be shown on listing cards.

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